If you have the contact details of one person from a department, you can obtain the rest of the contacts details from the same department or the same rank. This will support you to build your database with the contact information of all the executives who belong to the same level. Is this not trouble-free?

For example: you have the contact details of the CEO of a particular organization. You can simply retrieve the rest of the C-level executives such as, COO, CTO, CIO and so on, in just a few steps. You can thus contact multiple profiles from the same organization. This accelerates your customer base with minimum effort and maximum use of the available resource.

Provide us with the information that you have pertaining to the customers you are looking for. We will streamline the information of those clients with the help of our wide range of matching services.

High append rates ranging from 65% to 95% for B2B records and 55% to 85% for B2C records. It is the success rate of appending correct alternate contacts to the client’s database.


Your message would be expressive only if it is personalized for the person it is intended for. Most of the organizations do not have job titles in their prospect database. Titles are very acute for successful targeted marketing. Leads2Dollars™ can append latest and correct job-titles to your prospect database, so that you can do more effective targeted marketing.

Alternate contact/Title matching services can update an unfinished data file into a valuable leads list and upsurge the value of your prospect database. High append rates ranging from 45 – 85%.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns knowing who you are targeting, Use our Alternate Contact/Title Matching Service to improve marketing campaign responses.


  • Name and complete Address.
  • Company Name, Contact name and City.
  • Company Name with address, City, State or postal Code.
  • Company Name and job Title.