L2D’s Email Matching Service to append prospects email addresses

One of the swift, cost-cutting and key aspects of email marketing is acquiring business email addresses which get added to the existing business database.

You’ve built a great database of your business customers’ direct mail information. Now you want to start marketing to them electronically, but you don’t have their work email addresses… Leads2Dollars™ Email Append service adds assured deliverable email addresses to your existing corporate database.

Benefits of L2D’s Data Appending Service:

  • Snap single-source prospects into valuable multichannel prospects.
  • Generate repeat business and develop loyalty through more frequent prospects.
  • Reduce your marketing costs by cutting printing and postage expenses.
  • Radically increase your online revenues.

A lot of list vendors will guarantee you all that and more. But the truth is, the email campaign service that many of them provide can put your marketing results and your brand name at risk. With Leads2Dollars™ as your provider, the business benefits of your Email Validation Solutions are never in doubt.

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