For any business, finding new customers is the key to growth. But with limited time and resources, efficiency is a must. So how can you find the right customers for your business in the least amount of time?

Mailing List Compilation Services

Not only do we offer the best business and consumer data available, but we also make it easy to build high targeted compiled marketing lists—so you can pinpoint the perfect prospective customers for your business.

List compiling is a dedicated service engaged in developing a new email list and delivering the contact information of the prospective customers. The collected data is helpful for launching campaign programs aimed at conveying a corporate message to thousands of prospects.

If you are a marketer or an organization planning to Roll-Out a Newsletter Campaign, Email Campaign or conduct an online survey, then B2B List Compiling service will be best suitable to your needs. There are hundreds of selections available to slice and dice the data to get to just the right list for your business.

We Leads2dollars provide hundreds of lists that are compiled based on occupation type, technology type, industry type and much more. We have the best specialists who will find the ideal email list vendors and segments for your business. The full range of products on offer, along with our commitment towards enhanced customer service, will aid in driving a business growth to your multi-channel marketing efforts.

L2D’s List Compiling Services

We understand the whole process of gathering business and consumer lists demonstrated in a step-by-step procedure. At Leads2Dollars™, quality is our topmost priority. Thus, we engage our expertise group in handling complex tasks and they follow rigorous processes to build high-quality email lists.

Stage 1:

We will match your requests against our master database and isolate the matching records. In this process, we will find the missing contact information, remove irrelevant files and update with the recent contact information.

Stage 2:

The fresh data is systematically verified for consistency and quality. By employing manual and automated procedure, we check each contact individually to remove the unwanted records, identify matching data and update with the latest information. This process will help us to fight spam and protect the prospects interest.

Stage 3:

Then, we would reach the prospects through an opt-in mailer campaign procedure and obtain their consent to enhance their contact information for future communication purpose. We will eliminate the unsubscribed contacts and provide you with the subscribed prospect’s contact details.

Once the data is compiled, we will send it to your organization in a popular format that you wish to receive.

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