Manufacturing is the backbone of the Global Economy. Leads2Dollars™ direct marketing list is the best option for you to get in touch with these manufacturers to market and promote your products and services. Select the type of business along with HQ, branch or plant locations.

With our Manufacturers Email List, the type of business can be chosen, including food producers, chemicals, rubber, apparel, furniture, paper & printing, building materials, transportation and hi-tech.


Manufacture Type
Food Producers Mailing ListLeather Mailing List
Textile & Apparel Mailing List Stone, Clay, Glass, Concrete Mailing List
Lumber & Wood Products Mailing List Primary Metal Industries Mailing List
Furniture Mailing ListFabricated Metal Mailing List
Paper Mailing List Machinery and Computer Equip
Printing Mailing ListElectronic &Electrical Mailing List
Chemical Mailing ListTransportation Equipment Mailing List
Petroleum Industries Mailing ListSteel Manufacturers of Mailing List
Rubber & Plastics Mailing List Leather and Hide Products (Manufacture and Supply) Mailing List
Sports Goods Manufacturers of Mailing List Leather Fashion wear (Manufacture and Supply) Mailing List
Agricultural Machinery Sales Service and Repair Mailing ListMachine Tools Manufacturers of Mailing List
Boat builders Mailing ListMedical Equipment Manufacture of Mailing List
Brewers Mailing ListMetal Cutters and Shearers Mailing List
Builders Equipment Mailing ListMound Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers Mailing List
Car Accessory Manufacturers Mailing ListOil Refineries Mailing List
Car Manufacturers Mailing ListPaper and Paperboard Suppliers Mailing List
Clothing and Fabric Manufacturers Mailing ListPetroleum Product Producers Mailing List
Dental Equipment Suppliers Mailing ListShips Building and Repairing of Mailing List
Electronic Equipment (Assembly) Mailing ListInstruments, Photo & much more

This Manufacturing Mailing list can also be broken down by added factors such as employee’s size, revenue size, industry type and much more. The Producers Email list includes the key decision maker, Owner or President along with some manufacturing specific titles. Geographies can be chosen based on whether or not manufacturing is done at that specific location. Check our Oil and Gas Industry Service for more to get to know more on manufacturers based on the location.

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