L2D’s Reverse Data Matching Service

Marketing databases of businesses chiefly include key contact information fields such as Contact Name, Email Addresses, Phone and Fax Numbers in addition to other vital fields like URL, Fax, Company Revenue and Employee Size, etc. Corporations use the contact information in their direct mail marketing and email marketing initiatives. However it is hard to pick the primary field among all the listed contact areas, email marketing may still arise more popular due to its low cost, high reach, and secure delivery system. The process of reverse data matching through begun the organizations to receive the important email even at the outlay of other contact data fields.

Leads2Dollars™have faith in the prominence of maintaining all contact data fields, thus, make sure that company databases are compiled and can be used for various marketing initiatives. We have a dedicated process by which we help append other fields to companies’ master databases from the email address. This is called Reverse Matching and is an important process that helps in keeping contacts fresh and updated.

L2D’s Reverse Data Appending Process

Our Reverse Data Matching Process includes ECOA AND NCOA matching File with incomplete data fields against its Master Database. Based on the existing contacts, Leads2Dollars™ matches and detect the current contact record in its Master Database and appends all misplaced and missing information as preferred by the Client.

Since the Master Database covers most recent and accurate contact information of the Reverse Data Appending Company, our Clients can be guaranteed of a complete and high-quality email list.

  • Find missing or irrelevant information.
  • Providing the updates and complete details of customers.
  • Comforts with multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Target the right prospects.
  • Enhance better relationship with customers.

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