Phone Appending

Leads2Dollars™ has been providing Phone appending services since 1992. We have access to an electronic index of 25 million telephone numbers and GD file. The index is updated weekly with up to 150,000 changes on any one day.

Find your clients by customizing your search with the telephone numbers. Launch your campaign programs.  We will help you to get close to the right customers. We are waiting to help you start your target campaign programs. Get in contact with us soon to avail our service.

Telephone Matching Service

Similar to telephone number appending, we append the business phone numbers in our database with your requirement and deliver you with the updated contact information. On progress, we also check for accuracy, as we always provide reverse data matching service with high quality.

We know that incorrect telephone numbers in your data will result in wasted operator time, upset dialer, incur an excessive cost, and potentially harm your brand. We also recognize that match rates must be maximized and therefore employ additional referencing tools to boost the availability of correct and accurate telephone numbers.

Phone Appending Process

  • Instantaneous Verification.
  • Inexpensive and time consuming.
  • Proofreading the end product by both automated and manual tools.
  • Speed up your telemarketing campaigns.
  • Fetching other fields with just phone numbers.
  • The naming of consumer or business locations.

For more information, please write us at or Call us @ (909) 531-4029