We are a comprehensive data solutions provider, helping small and medium businesses and large enterprises efficiently manage data for marketing and advertising. We offer you with hand crafted, specific keys to suit your business requirements.You can utilize our huge B2b database marketing to boost your marketing programs to the right orbit. Apart from data enhancement, data cleansing, and data validation services, we offer consultancy services on digital marketing services.

As part of our extensive marketing and advertising solutions, we segment records, capture insights from data, and maintain data excellence. Moreover, we assist companies to roll out effective marketing campaigns. If you’re having any difficulty in handling data, we can remotely monitor, manage enterprise-wide data for your business.


  • Email campaigns
  • Data Appending
  • Tailoring emails to various interest groups
  • Social marketing
  • List management
  • Real-time reports


Building and managing an accurate, up-to-date and appropriate list of contacts is one of the crucial processes that determine the efficiency of your marketing strategies.

We Leads2Dollars™involves gathering information and building it into a master database and creating customer profiles and lot of companies spend significantge amount of dollars on the maintenance of data as it is the key element of marketing as well as client communication process. It is the procedure of adding new contacts to your mailing lists and updating the missing and outdated contacts.


Leads2Dollars™ service gathers standard contact information of various prospects from different fields to target them for launching new marketing initiatives.


Then Leads2Dollars™ can support you with abstracting, designing, sending and tracking emails on a real-time basis. All this and more through Email Campaign Services offered for its clienteles, with assured tangible and intangible results. You can also send the message about a new product and services. Reach out to new and current customers, no matter where they are.

Along with various other features, we also offer campaign tracking software where you can explicitly notify bounce handling, click through, email response, unsubscribe processing, Opt-in confirmation, Anti-spam protection, Custom e-mail replies, etc.
With Leads2Dollars™ extensive Email Campaign Services guarantees you can

  • Increase your subscribers
  • Send catchy emails
  • Track the results
  • Get social
  • Collect valuable feedback and more


Leads2Dollars™ deal to modify partner programs based on your business size and scope. You can offer additional value to your clienteles by partnering with us. We have packages where you can resell any of our services/products to your customers. You can either add our services to your catalog or start a new business as our exclusive reseller.To know more, please email us on info@Leads2Dollars.com.

  • Finding prospects data from niche criteria
  • Long delay in delivering request
  • High operational costs
  • Frustration of dealing with multiple vendors
  • Large expenditure on acquiring tailor-made products

To know more write to us at info@leads2dollars.com or call us @ (909) 531-4029